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Got a thread you wanted to do, but didn't have the time for? Need Yuri for something but don't want to have to make a post for it? Got a loose end or two you want to take care of? Hell, even if it's something minor that you wanted to do but couldn't due to a post not being available at the time or what have you -- feel free to make a thread here for it!

Just remember to mark it for what kind of thread it is and when it happened -- like say [Written, March 20th] or something like that. All I ask is that we try to avoid a backdated thread that could potentially turn into something groundbreaking -- like a fight or a major argument -- especially if the characters have interacted later and were totally chill with each other :|b

EDIT: Also feel free to use this as a "voicemail" or "jumping off point for a thread elsewhere". S'pretty free range and all that, so go nuts. Within uh. Y'know. Reason :(
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Much like the Appointments post, feel free to tag this post at any time if your character has a job they'd like to hire Brave Vesperia for. Like the Appointments post, it will be consider a direct ping to Yuri so a post won't have to be made every time someone wants to request a job. If you are unsure what sorts of jobs would be accepted, feel free to look over this post, PM this account, send an IM to JustlySarcastic over AIM, or even have your character ICly ask on this post if the job is something Brave Vesperia would take on.

Don't forget things like deadlines (if any) if you have plans for something they're doing for you! The guild won't work at a snail's pace, but they certainly won't rush if it's only known OOCly that they have a deadline to work with. Also, unlike Appointment posts, please don't forward-date or backdate requests unless you absolutely have to!

Thanks! ♥
Wavin' that off

99 // [Voice]

[There’s a bit of a pause, as if he’s considering not bothering with saying anything at all. But, well, there was a small handful at least that this does pertain to. Who knows, maybe some others might appreciate knowing too - or even knowing that people can return with memories. ... Well, maybe not, but it’d probably make things a bit easier on him anyway. Regardless-]

... I guess I might as well get this out of the way.
It took a little while, but I’m pretty sure I’ve remembered just about everything I can remember about this place. I’m positive that includes anyone I’ve met in the past, but some things are still a little shady. So, bear with me if I remember you but not your name or how we met or anything like that.

[Oh, right.]

Ah, and can any Brave Vesperia members check in with me, too? I’m not taking up the reigns again just yet, but I’d like to know who’s in before I do.

[That about does it. If housemates need to speak to him face to face for any reason, action is available as heavy snow means he's not bothering to leave the house.]
Dammit!, When things go wrong

98 // [Action/Accidental Voice]


[The journal starts recording during what sounds like the middle of an incredibly loud SPLASH - or possibly a dive gone horribly wrong. Whatever the case may be, its camera doesn't seem to be picking up anything particularly interesting at the moment, aside from the treeline as seen from the lakeside area, and maybe some passing clouds. All the while, splashing and other water movement can be heard in the background.

Eventually, the movement becomes much calmer, as well as a little louder, as if whoever screwed up their swan dive was coming closer to the journal. A few moments later, there's some light panting, a sudden breeze, then--

--Damn, that's cold ...

[There isn't much after that. Just sounds of movement in the background and not much else.]


[If anyone happens to be hanging around Luceti's southern lake, then they may have just witnessed someone falling from the sky ... and straight into the center of the lake. Whoever it is, it seems that they're fully able to get themselves out of that surprising mess, but by time they reach the shoreline, it's pretty clear they've worn themselves out quite a bit.

He may not like it, but it's pretty clear the guy could use a hand
Weighing options

97 // [Action/Voice]


[Luceti is, in general, a frustrating place to someone who's been trapped there for years. Especially when frustrating things keep happening to them and those around them. Especially especially when that person is some Must-Fix-All-The-Problems type, like Yuri Lowell.

So today, Yuri decides to do something a little different during his usual battle dome routine: fighting without his sword. Sure, he usually mixes some fist fighting in with his usual sword movements, but it's been a while since he last actually fought without a weapon. ... And besides, punching something in the face is pretty good for stress relief. Anyone who happens to be in the dome can see said punching-things-in-the-face from the viewing room.

Once he's done there, he'll be taking a break by the fountain in town with his canine partner by his side.

... Except, for those who have seen Repede before, they'll notice he's missing something. Namely, his wings


[Sometime in the evening--]

I've got a feeling I've asked something like this before, but
... Who here has had some sort of pet or animal show up here that came from home? I mean, one they actually owned back home, not something they picked up here.
Bring it!, Ready to go

96 // [Action]

[It's been a while since Yuri's really been able to do any kind of decent training with his sword. The battle dome hasn't been much of a option lately -- even if his wounds are healed, the deepest one he received on his side is still forcing him to hold back a little. But still, just sitting around isn't going to do much of anything for him, so he's decided to have a light spar in his backyard ...

... with his dog, Repede.

So yes. Anyone passing by is free to stop and wonder why the hell a grown man is fighting a knife-wielding dog in the yard of House #12

[[OOC: This is a joint post for Yuri and Repede, so feel free to direct your responses to either one (or both, but as a warning, that may end up being slow-going -- if you're okay with that, then go for it anyway!). For reference -- Repede's artes/fighting style, Yuri's artes/fighting style.]]

95 // [Voice] || Forward dated to the 18th

[When the journal's voice function is clicked on, there are only several statements that come from it's owner, almost completely devoid of emotion -- aside from the occasional undertone of pure rage running beneath it.]

... Flynn Scifo is dead. Someone move his body to a clinic. [The exact location is given after that statement.

Then, the connection is closed. However anyone wants to react to such a blunt, cold announcement, he doesn't want to hear about it. He's got a murderer to give a piece of his mind to

[[OOC: In response to this. I am ... unsure how the moving should take place. Might be best to have said moving be assumed, to avoid space-time continuum breakage. Or he can just be left there until the Malnosso pick him up, it's not really my call to start with |D;

Also, I won't be responding to any tags to this post with Yuri until I have a more solid idea of how his thread in the Mu log will go, so no worries if I don't get back to any tags here for a day or so -- I will be responding to them as soon as I've got an idea in place.]
Yeah yeah I'm on it ..., Alright alright ...

94 // [Action/Voice]


[Throughout the day, Yuri is wandering around Luceti, mainly sticking to the village but occasionally straying near the edge of the forest. He already went to the battle dome, as he always does, but he just wasn't feeling it today. Maybe he's been fighting the same things too often ...

Regardless of that, he can be found in the following areas:

A) The plaza, right by the fountain, where he'll be sitting for a little while to take a break. He'll be flipping through his journal at this point.

B) Walking along the edge of the forest, never really straying more than a few feet in.

or C) Up in a tree in the yard of house #12, although he seems to be checking something -- as well as looking toward one of the windows of the house (his bedroom window, actually) -- rather than just hanging around.

Feel free to bother him at any of those locations


[... Well. He's been fighting the same things over and over recently, but he's already learned from experience that choosing new monsters from other worlds at random (or having others do so) in the battle dome is not a good idea. He'll probably never forget about Yiazmat. So, while he's taking a break at the plaza's fountain--]

For those of you who come from worlds with monsters in them, what are some of the toughest ones you've got? [... wait. Maybe he should rephrase that a little.] ... Don't bother mentioning anything impossible for someone to beat alone, though. Just ... manageable, I guess.

[It would probably be easier if he just said "Hi I want monster recs", but. Welp.]